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March Employee Highlight

Libby Smith – Carlsbad Clinic Manager

Libby Smith (25), from Mission Viejo, CA who moved to Albuquerque, NM as a teenager, starting consuming cannabis as a teenager. As a teen, she didn’t think much of it, without the knowledge of her parents knowing. Even though it was never demonized in her family she decided not to tell them until she was an adult. Once she told them, they were very supportive of her career and that she uses it to treat her diagnosis.

Slowly Libby started using cannabis to treat her mental health issues after going through the gauntlet of different antidepressants and anxiety medications. When she used medical marijuana to address her mental health issues, she felt like herself again. She felt like she had regained her life back using medical cannabis versus using medications to treat her PTSD. Libby explained that when she used pharmaceuticals to treat her mental health, she felt like she was numb, out of place, and forgetful. Not soon after, Libby was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis – MS and was able to manage her symptoms with medical cannabis. She tearfully explained she was able to regain control of her health and life again. She currently uses medical cannabis to treat her MS and PTSD.

After working for various retail jobs, waitressing, and being a nanny, she felt like she was unfulfilled in her professional life. Driving in Carlsbad, she passed by a billboard advertising a medical cannabis dispensary was coming into town soon. She couldn’t believe that it was coming soon that she drove back to make sure the sign was real.

Libby jumped at the opportunity to be a part of an industry that helped her get her life back. While working in the industry, she seized every chance she could to educate herself and patients about the benefits of medical cannabis. She wanted to ensure that she was up to date with the ever-changing landscape of medical marijuana. Libby tearfully explained, “The biggest thing is to watch a patient get their power back. Giving people their life back will never get old to me”. That experience drives her to ensure she is giving each patient she assists with compassion, empathy, and education. Her drive and passion shine through helping the patients that come through Pecos Valley Production – Carlsbad.

Come Back Again

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