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Pecos Valley Production

New Mexico's Finest

About PVP

Introducing PVP, our affordably-priced signature brand devoted to the hardworking, blue-collar farmers who form the backbone of our cherished community. PVP is a trusty companion, seamlessly blending recognizability, affordability, and a genuine commitment to the industrious spirit of all farming genres.

From seed to harvest, and straight from our farm to you, this brand embodies the rich history and values of Pecos Valley Production’s journey. Rooted in our unwavering dedication to quality and innovation, PVP weaves a tale of humble beginnings, ardent community bonds, and an insatiable pioneering spirit.

Treat Yourself

High Quality Products

With PVP, you’ll experience outstanding, value-conscious cannabis made by those who stand tall in the face of adversity and embrace the tireless work ethic that drives the American dream. Unite with us in honoring the legacy of those who have shaped our land, and indulge in PVP’s offerings – crafted with the same passion that stitched the fabric of our treasured community together.

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