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From Cows to Cannabis: The Remarkable Journey of Pecos Valley Production

The chronicle of Pecos Valley Production (PVP) is a testament to the extraordinary power of evolution and adaptability. Our history is one of formidable transitions, leading from the tranquil pastures of dairy production to blazing the trail in the dynamic and burgeoning world of cannabis cultivation and retail.

Once Upon a Time: Our Beginnings

Our tale begins with Gerry Greathouse’s foray into the world of dairy farming. His commitment to vertical integration was not a mere business strategy, but stemmed from a deep-seated belief in offering the best-in-class products, rendering unparalleled traceability, and fostering intimate connections with consumers. This conviction became the bedrock on which PVP was founded.

Gerry’s tenacious approach was intrinsically instilled into PVP’s principles, shaping the fabric of the organization. His enduring passion for premium quality, sustainability, and a steadfast belief in the farm-to-customer model, paved the way for PVP’s expansive evolution and future ventures, setting a solid foundation for the many accomplishments to come. 

The pillars supporting our dairy success were firm — an unfaltering dedication, resilience against life’s unpredictabilities, and a commitment to innovatively evolving our practices related to crop cultivation and animal care. Quality and sustainability were not merely afterthoughts but the lifeblood coursing through the very heart of our dairy enterprise.

A Remarkable Transformation: From Cows to Cannabis

Every industry thrives within its era, and for us, a riveting new chapter was awaiting its launch on the horizon. It was here that we made our seminal decision – we let go of our cows, staked our land, and made a dramatic shift from the familiar world of dairy farming to the relatively unconventional realm of cannabis. This was not just a change; it was a transformative journey from cows to cannabis.

cows to cannabis

The magnitude of such a decision was never underestimated. It shone a glaring spotlight on our adaptability and determination to chart new waters. The Greathouse family found itself at the helm of an inspiring journey of metamorphosis, bravely veering into the somewhat mysterious and unexplored territory of cannabis.

As our imprint shifted “from dairy to dank,” we started penning a fresh, exciting legacy, yet one deeply rooted in our heritage and ethos.

Embarking on an Uncharted, Inspiring Path

Carrying forward lessons deeply entrenched from lifetimes spent on our pulsating dairy farm, Gerry’s three sons continue their sojourn in this vibrant world of cannabis. Their unyielding work ethic and unwavering dedication to quality and sustainability, inherited and honed on the dairy fields, are their guiding compass.

The world of cannabis presented its unique challenges, yet every hurdle only strengthened the resolve of the Greathouse family. Our history of overcoming obstacles and our courage to continually evolve served as catalysts, cementing our position as burgeoning leaders in the cannabis industry.

cannabis flower shining in the sunlight

Pecos Valley Production Dispensaries — Come Experience the Transformative Power of Cannabis

PVP’s transition from cows to cannabis is not just a story about business growth; it’s an enriching saga illustrating how a dedication to quality, sustainability, and a readiness to adapt can facilitate remarkable transitions. 

Despite our shift, the core ethos of quality and sustainability remains unfaltering. In the realm of cannabis, these virtues are of paramount importance and resonate even more profoundly. The promise is to deliver uncompromising quality, rooted in the respect for and dedication to ecological balance.

As we stand at the intersection of our past and the promise of our future, we reflect on our dairy roots as we cultivate our cannabis growth. Looking ahead, we anticipate exciting chapters and endless opportunities. Yet, as we grow, adapt, and evolve, the imprint of our founding principles stays visible on every path we tread, gently guiding our way forward.

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In the vast expanse of the ever-evolving cannabis landscape, we are absolutely delighted that you’ve chosen to adventure with Pecos Valley Production. Ours is a pioneering family, passionately bringing together seasoned experts, fervent enthusiasts, and those freshly embarking on their cannabis journey, all under the magnificently sprawling skies of New Mexico.

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