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Brand: Bloom

Pineapple Sherbert Live Resin Cartridge | 0.5g


Bloom Live Resin provides connoisseurs and new users alike an exquisite, flavorful flower experience. With 100% cannabis and full spectrum of cannabis-derived terpenes, Bloom Live Resin delivers pleasurable high that's made to last. Bloom Live Resin bridges gap between flower and convenience. No additives, no heavy metals, just a full profile of cannabinoids and terpenes for a true to plant high.

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About the brand :

Rooted in the industry for over a decade, BLOOM loves nothing more than classic cannabis strains. But, their love for these strains has limitations. Constantly being on the move and living life, convenient products are essential to celebrate the small wins, uplift and reclaim the day. BLOOM - an experience delivered in the most tasteful & practical way.

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