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Brand: Tyson 2.0

Pheno-Hunt Hybrid 3.5g Flower by Tyson 2.0


Discover Pheno-Hunt Hybrid 3.5g Flower by Tyson 2.0

Embark on an exploration of unparalleled cannabis diversity with Pheno-Hunt Hybrid now exclusively available at Pecos Valley Production. Crafted with precision and passion this hybrid strain promises a truly unique experience blending the finest genetics for an adventure like no other.

Unveiling Natures Treasures: Pheno-Hunt Hybrid invites you to uncover a spectrum of flavors aromas and effects each bud a testament to the meticulous pheno-hunting process employed by Tyson 2.0. Prepare to be amazed by the richness and complexity within every 3.5g package.

Exceptional Quality Handpicked for You: With a commitment to excellence each bud of Pheno-Hunt Hybrid is carefully selected and cultivated to ensure superior quality and consistency. Elevate your cannabis journey with Tyson 2.0 and Pecos Valley Production.

Embark on a journey of exploration and delight with Pheno-Hunt Hybrid by Tyson 2.0. Order now and immerse yourself in the unparalleled diversity of cannabis only at Pecos Valley Production.

Also available at:

Pecos Valley Production - Clovis
Pecos Valley Production - Eubank (Albuquerque)
Pecos Valley Production - 4024 Clovis
Pecos Valley Production - Edgewood
Pecos Valley Production - Eubank & Central
Pecos Valley Production - Mermod
Pecos Valley Production - 98th St
Pecos Valley Production - Hobbs (Navajo)
Pecos Valley Production - Espanola
Pecos Valley Production - 3900 Central Ave
Pecos Valley Production - Alamogordo
Pecos Valley Production - 737 Roswell
Pecos Valley Production - Ruidoso
Pecos Valley Production - Canal
Pecos Valley Production - Portales
Pecos Valley Production - Montgomery
Pecos Valley Production - Locust
Pecos Valley Production - Tularosa
Pecos Valley Production - Roadrunner
Pecos Valley Production - Roswell
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CBD (Cannabidiol) 0.04%
CBD (Cannabidiol)-0.04%

About the brand :
Tyson 2.0

Tyson 2.0 is a premier cannabis company formed with legendary boxer entrepreneur and icon Mike Tyson. The companys mission is to produce innovative high-quality cannabis products known for purity precision and wide accessibility. Providing consumers an outstanding selection of products Tyson 2.0 is an extraordinary balance of premium and affordable full-spectrum cannabis flower concentrates and consumables available at retailers nationwide.

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