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Brand: Pharmers Quality

Espresso Tophee | 100mg


As Pharmers Inphusions delve into history, they bring a fresh new flavor to a classic treat. Whether it’s nostalgia or exploration, our unique blend of local and traditional ingredients will tickle your taste buds. Featuring the highest quality D9-THC distillates, it is sure to produce a quality high! Be sure to ask the budtender at your favorite shop if they carry Pharmers Tophee!

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CBD (Cannabidiol) 0.1%
CBD (Cannabidiol)-0.1%

About the brand :
Pharmers Quality

Pharmers Quality Concentrates is New Mexico’s premier manufacture of high-end concentrates. They are the chemistry focused cannabis extraction laboratory in Socorro, New Mexico. They strive to provide the highest quality cannabis oil available by imploring the use of modern organic chemistry. They specialize in cannabinoid extraction, distillation, isolation, and remediation of contaminants. They believe it is important to trust the source of your medicine. Along time ago before marijuana prohibition, people were able to purchase Cannabis Oil at Pharmacies across the country. These pharmacies sold classily, trusted brands of medicine made by chemists with a true want to help and provide relief to their consumers. These brands were proud and stood by their medicine and so do they. Their motto is QUALITY COMES STANDARD because they believe it should!

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