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Introducing Gary Payton, the ideal remedy for achieving a peaceful state of mind and heightened energy levels! This product is enriched with high amounts of THCA and CBGA, specifically designed to ease physical discomfort and promote mental clarity. Its distinct terpene composition provides a perfect equilibrium, encouraging a sense of revitalization and ease. Give Gary Payton a try and unlock a realm of relaxation and mental concentration.

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Strain Highlights



Top Terpenes

Linalool: Floral smelling, is believed to provide some
anti-cancer effects and is known to cause sedation and
B-Caryophyllene: Sweet, woody, clove taste responsible
for anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective effects through
CB2 receptors.
Limonene: as a citrus scent and may possess anti-cancer,
anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-depression abilities.
Pinenes: Pine odor bronchodilator that opens the lungs to
more absorption. It also increases focus, self satisfaction and

Humulene: Common aromas earthy and woody Medical value:
Humulene can act as an appetite suppressant and offers potent
anti-inflammatory abilities

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